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AmeriCorpsWhen we're not hosting groups for our youth programs, House In The Wood is a Retreat Center for a variety of organizations, clubs and events. We can accommodate groups of 20 to 100+ with a flexible offering of lodging, meeting and dining options. Find out about:

A Place to Yourselves

Each of our rental groups have exclusive use of the grounds and facilities for the entire length of their stay. Every gathering is different than the next, so we work with all of our rental customers to ensure that they have everything they need and aren't paying for anything they don't.

A Helpful Host

There will always be a staff person from House In The Wood onsite to assist groups however may be required. This person will act as host for the duration of the stay, and will coordinate with the designated contact person of the group to make sure all expectations are met. This person is also available to answer any questions about the grounds, facilities, or services. Our staff in residence on the campus take great care to respect the space and privacy of our visitors. Aside from this scheduled contact and any services included for the retreat (such as food service), House In The Wood staff typically go unseen.

Connecting with Nature

One of the best reasons to hold your event or retreat at House In The Wood is the beautiful natural setting. With trees overhead, grass under foot and water all around, our campus is an ideal environment for rejuvenation, relaxation and communion. The benefits of spending time in nature are numerous and realized in all aspects of a person's well-being.

Whether it's a hike through the woods, a gathering around a campfire or just some time to look out across the lake, every visitor of House In The Wood has a chance to be revitalized by our lush environs before heading back to their busy lives.

Comfortable Living

Our guests stay in cozy, comfortable cabins that include electricity, running water, bathrooms, heat, air conditioning, fans, 16-22 beds and storage space for personal belongings.

Better than Fine Dining

The food at House In The Wood is just plain delicious. We offer yummy options for meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and eaters of most other types.

Have a good cook in your group? Our restaurant-grade kitchen is available for groups to prepare their own meals.

Booking Guide

waterfrontGroups interested in renting the facilities can feel free to contact us with any questions about rental services or availability. When a group is approved for rental and is interested in booking their visit, they should follow these steps.

Make Reservations

When a group first reserves a date, a contract and estimate of charges is e-mailed to the leader. Please review the contract and estimate for accuracy. A 50% of the estimate non-refundable deposit is due within two weeks to confirm the reservation.

Return the Contract and Deposit

Sign and return the contract, along with the deposit within two weeks to confirm your reservation. After your return your contract and deposit, we will e-mail a planning packet to your leaders. Your certificate of insurance is due one month before your session date.

Declare Attendance

Fourteen days prior to the retreat's starting date, the group must “Declare Attendance”. This can be done over the phone or by e-mail. This declares your anticipated attendance. The group is then responsible for full payment of this number or the actual attendance whichever is higher.

Make Special Requests

Please give us fourteen days notice if you have any special request for:

  • Food Service (vegetarian or other dietary needs)
  • Housing
  • Meeting Space
  • Linen and Towel Service
  • Disability Needs

Read Retreat Center Policies

Before arrival, be sure to inform all participants of Retreat Center policies regarding the use of alcohol, quiet hours, and others listed on the "Retreat Center Policies" form in your contract packet, along with the directions to House In The Wood. It is a good idea to furnish the policies to each individual.

Confirm Check-In Times

Please ask individuals not to arrive before your group's scheduled check-in time for housing and meeting space, as contracted. If guests arrive before their accommodations are available, it is inconvenient for them and the House In The Wood staff, and begins your retreat on a less than desirable tone.

Services & Rates

Below are the services available and their current rates. Our services and accommodations are available a la carte, so your group gets what it needs, but doesn't pay for anything more.

Lodging options and rates

Guests stay in simple but comfortable cabins that sleep 16-22 individuals. There are seven of these cabins, and additional sleeping quarters are available if necessary.

  • Minimum 20 individuals
  • Maximum 100+ (depending on lodging needs)
  • $37.00/night per individual over 12 years old
  • $18.50/night per individual between 3-12 years old
  • Free for children under 3 years old

Meeting spaces

Our meeting spaces are carpeted with fireplaces. All lodging rentals include either Vittum Lodge or Hickory House as a meeting space (group's choice). Groups who plan to use other areas will incur the extra charge listed below. You can also meet in our open-air pavilion, two fire circles and picnic/patio areas for no extra charge.

Vittum Lodge, Hickory House, OEC Classroom, Art Center $150.00 per rental period (each)
Cabin $75.00 per cabin


The dining at House In The Wood receives rave reviews from our visitors. Groups may choose from the following options, but may also handle their meals on their own.

40+ Guests Breakfast $8.50, Lunch $10.50, Dinner $11.50
20-39 Guests Breakfast $9.50, Lunch $12.00, Dinner $13.00
Less than 20 Guests Breakfast $10.50, Lunch $13.50, Dinner $14.50
Dietary Upcharge (Vegan/Gluten Free) Varies per rate schedule by guest count ($2-$5 per person per meal)
Snack Varies per snack
Kitchen Rental - Group cooks meals $200.00 for first 3 days and $50.00 each additional day

Other services

Audio/Visual Equipment No Charge
Sports Equipment No Charge
Nature Center Program Varies with Program or Activities Requested
Tree Climbing (2 hour minimum) $30 per person ($300 minimum)
Waterfront Program $50.00 per lifeguard per hour
Archery (1 hour lesson for 10 students) $50.00 per lesson
Grill Rental $100.00 for length of session; $10.00 additional charge for charcoal/lighter
Firewood $150/face cord

Linen Service

Bed Linen Set (pillow, pillow case, sheet, blanket) $5.00 per person
Bath Linen Set (towel, washcloth) $2.00 per set

Moving Fee

Charged when we must restore our rental spaces to their original condition by moving furniture, etc. $75.00 (minimum charge)

Contract Fees

Deposit (applied to your final bill; this deposit is forfeited if there is a cancellation) 50% of estimated invoice
Damage Deposit (may be rolled over or refunded less the cost of damages) $400.00

Rent the entire 23 acres

If your total estimated bill is $4,000 plus, you can have the entire site for your group, including all outdoor meeting spaces. If your total estimated bill is below $4,000, you may be sharing the site with one other group. Our two meeting centers are on opposite ends of our site. Shared sites cannot rent the main kitchen.

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