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Join us this Fall...

On a TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, the entire family can join us for HALLOWEEN IN THE WOODS-take a walk along lighted pathways in our enchanted forest to meet our animals including a skunk, owl, frog and singing spider.

OPEN TREE CLIMBS are scheduled for Fall. Groups can also book.


We need volunteers to help with guiding the group on the trails and doing our craft projects in the dining hall. Contact Val at 262-728-2752 or vwright at nush.org where at is @.


We're Hiring !

House In The Wood starts hiring for SPRING in December! We're hiring TREE CLIMBING FACILITATORS, TRAIL LEADERS and ON CALL EDUCATORS for Outdoor Education. Read More & Apply

House In The Wood is hiring for SUMMER in December! We're hiring Summer Camp Counselors to teach an activity and impact the life of a child from inner city Chicago. Read More & Apply

Students Digging

Book Outdoor Education in 2019/20!

We are booking for the 2019/2020 school year now.
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Watch for our OPEN CLIMB schedule in Fall, Spring and Summer.

Schedule a group climb year around for groups of 10 or more.


Review: Corkery Elementary

"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the trip was for all the students! One girl told me how gross the bugs were, but then proceeded to explain all the ways that insects are beneficial. They came back exhausted but full of smiles and excitement. So did the teachers! "
- Carol Devens, Principal, Corkery School
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Upcoming Events


SAT, SEPTEMBER 28 (4pm-6pm)-Open Tree Climbing-public event
SUN, OCTOBER 13 (12pm to 2pm)-Open Tree Climbing-public event
TUES, OCTOBER 15 (6:30pm-8:30pm)-Halloween In The Woods-public event
TUES, OCTOBER 15 (5:30pm-9:00pm)-Volunteer for Halloween In The Woods (you're invited to supper at 4:30)
SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER-Outdoor Education for Schools (NGSS outdoors. WE teach!)


SAT, DECEMBER 21 (11am-2pm)-Winter Solstice Open House with activities and FOOD-public event

    • GRAND OPENING-Outdoor Education DAY TRIP program space
    • GRAND OPENING-Retreat Center for SMALL GROUPS

BOOK our new overnight retreat center for groups of 5-10. We also have space for 20-70 people. Book our activities separately.
BOOK a day trip to House In The Wood for Next Generation Science Stnadards (NGSS) lessons, outdoor recreation or a meeting.


April 6-7 and 8-10-Learn Recreational Tree Climbing and make money facilitating.
March-May-Outdoor Education for Schools (NGSS outdoors. WE teach!)
Open Climb Dates Coming Soon.