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The Boys Are Back in Town

The male Red Wing Blackbirds have returned to the marshes of House In the Wood. They are all spreading their wings and letting out a LOUD conk-la-ree trill. In Blackbird language: STAY AWAY! THIS IS MY AREA! Once they establish AND KEEP their area, they will try to attract the females who arrive a few…
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Book Outdoor Education in 2016-17

We invite you to book your day trip or overnight Outdoor Education experience for the 2016-17 school year! When you and your students visit House In The Wood you can look forward to: New Standards-Based Curriculum Pre/Post Curriculum Assessments Programming Customized for Your Priorities Exciting Recreational Activities (Like Tree Climbing & Archery!) Beautiful New Buildings…
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Review: Corkery Elementary

A Chicago Public School, Corkery Elementary brought a group of students┬áto House In The Wood for the first time this past spring of 2016. They came for an overnight stay with two days of programming and it was a really great experience for the students, teachers and our staff alike! 56 of Corkery's fifth graders…
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House In The Wood at Rowe

Val and I just finished up our last parent presentation today at Rowe Elementary School.  It was really nice to spend some time talking to parents about what their kids will be up to in May.  All the parents left with their questions answered and their concerns addressed.  The best news of the day was…
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