Monthly Volunteer Work Day–April

A  BIG thank you to these volunteers...

Master Gardeners-Mary and Dave. They are working on one of our rain gardens.
Scott cuts down BUCKTHORN around our campfire circle.
Frank and Alex, OEC Coordinator repair the Aquatic Study dock.

Brian, Gordy, and Dan work on the washed out steps to our storage center.

 In April, we are working on our Aquatic Study Dock, our washed out gravel steps, and trail maintenance...

The Docks Need a Little Repair...
A view at what we will be studying.

The docks are located in lowlands near OEC
We have a  monthly volunteer work day every THIRD Tuesday of the month from April to October. Contact Val at 262-728-2752 or val at for more information.
Date Change to Tuesday May 8
We will be repairing washed out gravel steps using the advice from THIS month's volunteers.
Working on the new expansion of the garden and a few other things.

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