Packing Checklist

Essential Items:
Field exploration is an important part of our program. Adequate clothing is essential. If you do not have some of the essential items, you should substitute. A poncho can be used for a raincoat. Two sweaters and a windbreaker can serve as a heavy jacket. Older but serviceable clothing is best. We urge that you NOT buy new clothing or equipment. Space is limited – please bring only one duffel bag or suitcase. Mark luggage and each item of clothing with your child's name.

Please pack a change of clothes for each day of the visit, plus a spare just in case. Even if the weather is supposed to be warm, pack at least some cold weather clothes. Pack with your child so they know what you have packed for them.

What to Pack

Shoes – 1 pair
Boots – 1 pair (or extra pair of shoes)
Heavy jacket or coat (regardless of weather)
Rain coat or poncho

Other Stuff
Bath towel & wash cloth
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Sunscreen/Insect Repellent (OFF)
Comb or hairbrush
Water Bottle

Laundry bag or plastic garbage bag

Optional Items
Single-use or inexpensive camera
Stuffed animal-will be dried on HIGH heat for 20 minutes on arrival
Flashlight and batteries

Do NOT Pack

Valuables, money, or jewelry
BEDDING – Sheets, blankets and pillows are provided
FOOD – We provide three meals and two snacks a day.
Candy or gum
Cell phones
Electronic devices such as music/media players, games, tablets, etc.
Knives or hatchets
Curling irons, hair dryers or aerosols
Cologne or perfume