The Boys Are Back in Town

The male Red Wing Blackbirds have returned to the marshes of House In the Wood. They are all spreading their wings and letting out a LOUD conk-la-ree trill. In Blackbird language: STAY AWAY! THIS IS MY AREA! Once they establish AND KEEP their area, they will try to attract the females who arrive a few weeks later. Then it really gets loud!

Red Wing Blackbird in House In the Wood marsh. Frozen lake in background.


The return of the MALE Red Wing Blackbird is one of my FIRST signs of Spring. Another early sign of Spring is the Pussy Willows starting to bud. The willows have a pleasing off-white soft, furry bud.

Red Wing Blackbird on Pussy Willows

And still another early sign of Spring--the Sandhill Cranes return. They have a very distinctive croak and then you look up, way up, there they are circling overhead.

Sandhill Cranes in Sky

All of this is happening THREE WEEKS earlier than normal! What does it mean?

Click link for more information about Red Wing Blackbirds and Sandhill Cranes. Don't forget to click on the voice to see what they sound like.

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